The Cathedral Youth Center was started in the year 1968 with the help and support of then Parish Priest Msgr. T.Jambamalai and Rev. Fr. Jose Menezes. When Bishop William D’Mello took Charge then the youth movement was started and 600 boys and girls signed up for the Cathedral youth Center and from there began a journey that continued till date.

As all organizations have, even the Cathedral youth for Christ, or the CYC has had many pit falls. Over the years many times the youth has been formed and dissolved. The present youth came into existence all thanks to the efforts of a hand full of like minded young men, who truly had the desire to do something for the Church and for our Lord Jesus Christ. From the year 2006 these boys have been meeting, dreaming and hoping that the CYC would soon become a reality again.

The youth group was inaugurated during the 9.45 a.m. mass on 19th October 2008, the mass was celebrated by Rev. Fr. Giri Raj and at this mass there were around 12 boys and girls who bore the tag of CYC members. It was only at this occasion that the parishioners came to know about the existence of the youth and their involvement in Church activities.

The youth since then have done their little part in the Church activities. During the mission Sunday food fest we helped in running the 7 games stalls.

The Youth also attend and volunteered at the ICYM Convention Catering Waves held regularly thereby showing their interest in being the part of Indian Catholic Youth movement. The members of the youth group also helped in ushering during the Francis Xavier’s Fest as well as during the holly week masses of the year. We also conducted adoration in church on various occasions. The CYC also conducted Christmas program for children whish was attended and enjoyed by all. We also held Bible Fest for the children.

The CYC is also a place where young boys and girls can exhibit their talents and skills. The youth have participated in various fests conducted by Don Bosco Youth and the other youth groups. In all those fests their performance is overwhelming.

The youth is now going strong. All thanks to the grace of God, the prayers of the parishioners and the intercession of St. Francis Xavier and the support of our Parish Priest. We the Youth Members also pray that this may continue for many years to come.