Prayer Group

Tamil Prayer Group

The Tamil Prayer Group is one of the groups established for the spiritual welfare of the parishioners especially the Tamil speaking Catholics and Christians. It is found in 2006. The members of the group are doing well co-operating and collaborating with parish clergy.

President: Fr. A.S. Anthony Swamy - Parish Priest
Secretary: Mr. Stephen
Treasurer: Mrs. Violet
Co-ordinator: Mr. Anthony Frank
Number of Members: Twelve

Motto: Spiritual nourishment of all the Catholics and Christians

Every second Saturday night vigil is held.

Once in a year diocesan level convention is arranged for three days and the information regarding it is given to all the parishes through the different vicariates.

Visiting the sick in the hospitals and homes and prayer is conducted especially for them.

In funeral times and on anniversaries prayers are conducted.

A freezer box is provided free of cost for funerals in the parish and outside the parish for the Christians and even for outsiders.

The members are also preparing the people who want to embrace the Catholic Faith and in fact they have brought a good number of them to Catholic fold.

In all the parish activities the members of the Tamil Prayer Group participate very keenly and actively. This is evident in all the Eucharistic Celebrations and in the various activities of the Parish

Every 3rd week Tuesday, the members gather to evaluate the just concluded Night Vigil and about the future prospects are reflected.

Every 2nd Friday, the members gather to discuss about the just to happen Night Vigil.

Night Vigil
The Night Vigil has been conducted for past three years and it is well known in and around the parishes of Bangalore. For in the beginning through pamphlets and banners, it was made known to all the places. It is now regularised and a happening of routine. Eminent Preachers are invited from different parts of Tamil Nadu for the Night Vigil.

The time table of the Vigil
10.00 PM – 11.00 PM - Rosary - Choir
11.00 PM – 11.15 PM - Praise and Worship - Choir
11.15 PM – 1.00 AM - 1st Session by the Preacher
1.00 AM – 1.30 AM - Tea Break
1.30 AM – 2.00AM - Praise and Worship - Choir
2.00 AM – 3.00 AM - 2nd Session by the Preacher
3.00 AM -5.00 AM - Adoration, Healing Session and Benediction
5.00 AM – 5.30 AM - Holy Mass

Future Plan
The group is targeting to begin a separate window and establish it on online to pray for all the people in need.

We are planning to extend and join with other Prayer Groups and collaborate in organising a mega-event of inner-healing service.

The group is also planning to extent it to organise a prayer meet exclusively for children and youth.

We are discussing a plan to execute on raising fund for the group so that to enter into venturing on some more services especially helping out the downtrodden and eradication of illiteracy.

The Tamil Prayer Group through its various activities is very vibrant and active in St. Francis Xavier Cathedral, Bangalore. They are really nurturing the spiritual needs of the faithful. It is an adult forum where the adults’ faith is strengthened and the faith of the young is deepened mainly through the Night Vigil service that they organise very regularly.

Synopsis of St. Francis Xavier’s Tamil Prayer Group [TPG]
Conducted by the Laities of St. Francis Xavier Cathedral
Started in Feb 2012 , in St. Francis Xavier Cathedral with due permission of then Parish Priest Rev. Fr. Amruthraj
Team consist of members , who nominate office bearers to represent the Prayer Group
Prayer Group conducts Night Vigil every Second Saturday of the month.
The Team invites Catholic Priest from various parts of the country for above night vigil programs
The Team self-funds all activities for monthly night vigil , Mass intention collection is remitted to Archdiocese office
The Team provides a Maruthi Van with Freezer Box in Dec 2013
The Team has conducted two Mega- Three day-Tamil retreat during Oct 2013 and May 2014
One Day Retreats in Tamil conducted during Assumption of Mother Mary

Office Bearers
Fr. A.S Anthonyswamy - President
Mr. Frank - Coordinator
Mr. Stephen - Secretary
Mrs. Violet Mary - Treasurer

Team Members
Mrs. Jennifer
Mr. Harry
Ms. Mary Basilica
Mr. Suresh
Mr. Dominic
Mr. Xavier
Mrs. Catherine
Mr. Xavier
Mr. Dass
Mrs. Rani